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Welcome to ReadMe, a dating community designed for individuals seeking genuine connections in a trusted environment. Our community connects verified individuals with diverse backgrounds and passions, fostering genuine relationships beyond instant hookups.

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Dear future partner
Why ReadMe?

  • Verified Profiles: Discover a community where profiles are authenticated across various categories such as career, education, income, assets, and appearance, fostering a diverse and trustworthy environment.

  • Tailored Matchmaking: Experience personalized matchmaking, uncovering compatibility beyond surface traits for more meaningful connections.

  • Sincerity Matters: ReadMe is dedicated to fostering sincere, lasting relationships. We prioritize genuine connections, creating a space for individuals seeking relationship built on trust and authenticity.

  • Privacy & Security: Your privacy matters. Enjoy a discreet dating experience, knowing that your information is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Your Journey Begins:

Begin your extraordinary dating experience by installing the ReadMe app and registering your profile. Our community values authenticity, ensuring profiles align with genuine intentions for meaningful connections.

ReadMe stands out by offering a secure environment for individuals seeking genuine relationships, focusing on quality connections beyond traditional dating apps.

Finding someone extraordinary requires a unique approach. At ReadMe, we welcome individuals seeking authentic connections within a community of verified profiles. If you're seeking a deeper, genuine connection, you're in the right place.

Let's start your journey together. Install ReadMe and explore meaningful connections today.

Warm regards,
Founder, ReadMe


How the member verification works?

New members are required to verify at least one of the following: career, education, income, wealth, or appearance.



Business owners and executives, professionals such as lawyers and doctors, entertainers, artists, senior government officials, employees of major company, etc.

Submit documents that verify your job, such as a business card, certifications, or leave a public profile URL with a headshot. The image is an example of a career verification badge.



Degree holders from top domestic or global universities.

Submit documents to verify your education, such as diplomas, certificates, etc. The image is an example of an education verification badge.



Net worth over $ 500k, 1m, 5m and more.

Submit documents to verify ownership and value of securities and real estate. The image is an example of a wealth verification badge.



Who earn over $ 60k/y in their 20s and $ 80k/y in their 30s.

Submit documents such as a salary contract or payroll records. The image is an example of an income verification badge.


For attractive men or women in appearance, or who are not willing to verify other items.

This verification is based on votes from existing members of the opposite gender. The image is an example of an appearance verification badge.

User Testimonials

The testimonials below have been de-identified to protect the privacy of our users.

32, doctor & 28, government employee

Married in 3 months, we're so in sync, we must have been meant to be together, thank you ReadMe.

39, accountant & 28, developer

It took me 4 matchmaking agencies, but we finally found each other on ReadMe. Now, we're enjoying a normal relationship and marriage just like everyone else. Our story might have been different without ReadMe.

33, male, researcher

I was skeptical when I signed up, but now we're in a relationship. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but it's amazing how we found our perfect match.

31, woman, fashion model

I never thought I'd meet my husband on ReadMe. I joined just for fun, but now we're getting married and have booked a wedding venue. I'm so excited and happy.

29, woman, stewardess

We're getting married soon. We started out joking that we were going to "break up after a movie," but we were so attracted to each other that we ended up getting married in the short time it took to meet our parents.

27, woman, teacher

I got proposed yesterday, and I was so lucky to have found him so soon after signing up. We're getting married next January, and I hope the same goes for community members here.

37, man, company representative

I'm happy to say that I've met my ideal girl just after joining. I'm going to leave now with my girlfriend and thank you ReadMe.

31, woman, pharmacist

I used to only study, but with the help of ReadMe, I started dating comfortably, and now I'm happy with my sweet and generous boyfriend.

38, man, business owner

I met her in the lounge because she was similar to me. I wouldn't have found such a great match without ReadMe. Now we're getting married next month.

37, woman, professor

From ReadMe to marriage. I wasn't expecting much when I first signed up, but after meeting my partner within a month, we were together for eight months and decided to get married.

34, man, lawyer

Going on a new date every week. It's been hard for me to get introduced to good people in my circle, but through ReadMe, I'm meeting a lot of different people. My goal is to find my right partner within the year.

35, woman, marketer

I met my boyfriend after six matches. We met in the lounge, and it was different from the first time we met. Now I'm dating a guy who's a year younger than me, and I'm so happy I found him.

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