How the member verification works?

New members are required to verify at least one of the following: career, education, income, wealth, or appearance. See the last section for detailed verification instructions.



Business owners and executives, professionals such as lawyers and doctors, entertainers, artists, senior government officials, employees of major company, etc.

Submit documents that verify your job, such as a business card, certifications, or leave a public profile URL with a headshot. The image is an example of a career verification badge.



Degree holders from top domestic or global universities.

Submit documents to verify your education, such as diplomas, certificates, etc. The image is an example of an education verification badge.



Net worth over $ 500k, 1m, 5m and more.

Submit documents to verify ownership and value of securities and real estate. The image is an example of a wealth verification badge.



Who earn over $ 60k/y in their 20s and $ 80k/y in their 30s.

Submit documents such as a salary contract or payroll records. The image is an example of an income verification badge.


For attractive men or women in appearance, or who are not willing to verify other items.

This verification is based on votes from existing members of the opposite gender. The image is an example of an appearance verification badge.

Detailed verification instructions

1. You can submit materials that verify your identity (business cards, certificates, salary contracts, etc.) without revealing unnecessary details. Please consider redacting details with an image editor (e.g. 1) or covering them with a piece of paper or something (e.g. 2) to avoid submitting unnecessary personal information.

2. Submitted materials must either be self-attested as to authenticity (e.g. 3) or include your phone number (e.g. 1). If the materials do not include your phone number, please write your phone number on a piece of paper (e.g. 2) and take a photo of it overlapping with the submitted materials.

3. For appearance verification, you don't need to submit any materials. Existing members of the opposite gender can view a profile photo of you and vote up or down. After voting for a certain amount of time, or after a certain number of people have voted, if you receive a majority of upvotes, you get verified.

* ReadMe is committed to finding the right balance between the authenticity of verification and the protection of your privacy. All verification materials are destroyed as soon as the profile review is complete to prevent the leakage and abuse of personal information.

* If we receive a report of false verification by another member after you have completed the review, ReadMe may request additional verification materials, and if your verification is not re-confirmed, you may lose your membership.