Who makes the ReadMe - High-End Dating App and why?


Daniel Kim

Software Engineer

Dear members.

My name is Daniel Kim. I'm the developer of this dating community. I work as a developer in an IT company on weekdays. I'm very interested in B2C services and mobile app development, so building this dating community is kind of a hobby for me.

Many dating companies make money by exposing their female members' profiles to male members in some way, often by cheating them with fake profiles or crush signals. Besides that, there are also many insincere members who make a bad experience in online dating by lying about their profiles. I will not use any of these tricks and will only focus my efforts on helping you meet good people.

Once you have tried it, you will realize that this app is totally free. This is because my current goal is not to make money by selling to members, but to make this community bigger and more popular. Right now, the service is supported by the Google for Startups Cloud Program, so it's costing me very little out of my own pocket. I will make money later by selling paid items in app when needed. Please join this community where you will be protected from fake profiles and scammers.

If you have any support, suggestions, or anything else you'd like to share, please feel free to reach out to me, and I'd love to hear from anyone who's had great story with this app!

Also, There's a lot of interesting stuff on this website about how I built the app, and I'll occasionally post stuff about Socionics and Analytical Psychology that I'm fascinated with. Please have fun reading if you are interested.

Warm Regards.