How ReadMe's Algorithm Elevates Online Dating

How ReadMe's Algorithm Elevates Online Dating


In this article, we'll highlight ReadMe's advanced matching system, which is based on eight key elements designed to help you move beyond meaninglessly swiping profiles and into real relationships based on verified, qualified profiles.

1. Fundamental Factors in Dating App Matching Algorithms

1.1. Who Views Your Profile?

Dating apps often prioritize profile visibility to maximize user engagement. However, this practice sometimes favors visually appealing profiles over their credibility or activity. Despite efforts to showcase compatible matches, users might encounter irrelevant profiles from distant locations or significantly varying age groups. Dating apps are evolving to engage more discerning users seeking meaningful connections.

1.2. Profiles You Encounter

Platforms like Tinder utilize a grading system inspired by the ELO score from chess. However, these ratings are often formed hastily, primarily based on surface-level elements rather than comprehensive evaluations. Many apps use varying criteria for grading users, resulting in algorithms that heavily factor in geographical location, age, and other simplistic metrics.

2. Decoding ReadMe's Algorithm

Profile View

2.1. Eight Key Factors in ReadMe's Algorithm


People often seek specific attributes in potential partners, such as height preferences or shared interests like music. Keywords serve as a spice, enhancing matches based on individual preferences, complementing standard criteria like age, location, appearance, and careers.

Preferred Keywords


Age plays a significant role in relationships, yet many dating apps lack precise filters. ReadMe employs a Gaussian distribution-based scoring system, outlining potential matches' age differences. It doesn't rigidly eliminate profiles but provides an outline, aiding users in assessing compatibility beyond numerical age.


ReadMe emphasizes real relationships and filters out matches too distant for feasible meetings. However, users still can adjust location preferences, extending their search range for potential matches.


Activity serves as a crucial signal for meaningful connections on online dating platforms. ReadMe introduces a Recently Online badge - to confirm that a user was online up to a week ago, preventing interactions with inactive users and reducing instances of ghosting. This activity factor considers not only the latest online time but also factors in frequency, profile updates, and user interactions and give more visibility to active user's profile.

Preferred Keywords


Users can input personality types (such as MBTI) during signup, with approximately 80% globally providing this information. ReadMe incorporates Analytical Psychology and Socionics to identify potential compatibility based on personality types. While not heavily weighted due to self-test limitations, it offers insights into potential compatibility, and further exploration will be covered in a subsequent article.

Profile Completeness

Sincerity is valued on ReadMe, prioritizing profiles with complete information. Profile completeness, measured by content length, the number of profile and cover pictures, influences the algorithm, promoting genuine connections.

Profile Compatibility
Profile Analysis


ReadMe integrates a dynamic rating system based on the relative interaction ratios associated with a user's profile. Recent interactions within the past few weeks, including profile views, unlocks, and received messages, significantly contribute to a user's popularity, subsequently elevating visibility among the user base. Users retain the flexibility to fine-tune the weight of this factor, enabling them to discover profiles within similar popularity tiers or opt for broader visibility by lowering its weight to explore a wider range of profiles.


Despite efforts to curate balanced profiles, ReadMe acknowledges the appeal of chance encounters. Weighting this factor allows users to explore unfiltered profiles outside the algorithm's curation, adding an element of serendipity to the matching process.

2.2. Customizing Algorithm Factors in ReadMe

Weights Customization

Unlike its counterparts, ReadMe offers users the unprecedented ability to tailor their matching experience. Through its customizable algorithm, users can fine-tune their preferences based on eight key factors: keywords, age, location, activity, compatibility, profile completeness, popularity, and randomness. This feature grants unparalleled control and precision, allowing for personalized matches beyond the scope of typical dating algorithms.

3. Other Traits of ReadMe - High-End Dating App

ReadMe stands out in the realm of dating apps due to its distinct features, notably absent in other platforms. Its primary uniqueness lies in two pivotal aspects: a customizable algorithm and a robust verification and member screening system.

3.1. Verification and Member Screening

ReadMe sets a benchmark by implementing a stringent verification and member screening system, a rarity in the online dating sphere. This system ensures the authenticity and credibility of profiles, resembling the practices found in traditional offline match-making agencies. By prioritizing verification, ReadMe aims to create a secure and trustworthy environment for users seeking genuine connections.

3.2. Quality-Oriented Approach

In contrast to the prevalent quantity-over-quality strategy adopted by many apps, ReadMe adopts a unique stance. It presents a limited selection of 5-10 meticulously curated profiles daily. This "slow dating" approach emphasizes quality matches over overwhelming choices, fostering more meaningful connections by focusing on a select pool of qualified profiles.

3.3. Free-of-Cost Service

One of ReadMe's distinctive traits is its provision of high-end features entirely free of charge. This rarity stems from its origins as a project developed by a sole developer, currently uninterested in commercial gain. This commitment to a free service underlines the app's primary focus on facilitating meaningful connections rather than monetary gain.

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