How ReadMe Works for Free

How ReadMe Works for Free

Welcome to ReadMe, a dating community designed for individuals seeking genuine connections in a trusted environment. Our community connects verified individuals with diverse backgrounds and passions, fostering genuine relationships beyond instant hookups.

We have the most members in their 30s, mostly in professional jobs, but we also have members in their mid to late 20s, 40s, and even over 50s. Members are primarily active in Singapore, the United States, Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom, the UAE, Myanmar, and African countries. More about the demographics here!

You don't need money to find love.

  • It's free for all users, with no need to purchase items. Only when you want to donate us, or support us emotionally, then check out the shop :)
  • Each day, users will receive a free in-app item to send their first message to another user. If you are not a spammer and are looking for a trusted and genuine connection, the daily in-app item is enough. Try it out!

By the way, we want to announce that we are actually giving up make this app profitable and our company is pivoting to another project. As a result, I think we're glad we gave up on profitability in this business. We can do this because ReadMe was developed by a sole engineer (me), and our servers are free until 2025 under our cloud provider's startup support program.

In fact, we're running it as a hobby after realizing that it's not easy to scale a dating app. We've moved on to other project now (totally different industry, haha), but we really like this vivid community and the way people interact and make good connections, so don't worry about it shutting down at least until the end of 2025 (we're not sure about after 2025, but there's still plenty of time), and feel free to interact with eligible members here.

And If you have an idea of additional feature to enrich this community, please feel free to tell me though here or customer support menu.

Regards, Daniel.

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