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How to Determine Your Personality Type.

If you want to determine your personality type through an online test, please carefully review the reliable test attached below.

*Please share about other reliable tests.

ReadMe - High-End Dating App does not directly provide type determination tests until it is able to develop and provide its own tests with sufficient reliability. Instead, we want users to be able to discover the personality type they belong to in the community. As you spend time on each tab of the community, you can see the unique personality felt by each personality type. You can also discover your type in the tab that doesn't bother you the most and offers interesting content (or the tab that shows you the most similar values).

ReadMe - High-End Dating App is a service that recommends communication and dating between complementary types under the assumption that 'social personality relationship theory is generally applicable' based on the logical system of Socionics theory, statistical researchs, and empirical evidence. In order to find the complementary relationship suggested by Fersonality, users must be able to clearly designate their personality type.

However, determining personality type through online self-report tests tends to be inaccurate. Sometimes type tests only determine how you feel at the specific time you are tested and may not reflect long-term behavioral trends. For example, your current situation and mood can affect your results.

Also, as a result of the involvement of an unconscious preference for the ideal, there are cases in which extremely different types of typing are reported, such as one's own daulity relationship, opposite relationship, or quasi-identity type. (e.g. ESTJ or ESFJ, INFJ for types close to INFP)

Prior knowledge of social personality or psychological theory can also influence the way a person answers questions, consciously or unconsciously. In an ideal situation, the test should be applied to someone completely ignorant of socionics and other personality theories. Those who have taken the test before may change their answers to emphasize previous results.

An inadequate definition of your personality type can hinder your understanding of yourself. If you're conducting a self-report test, it's better to reflect who you are rather than who you want to be.

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