Coffee Meets Bagel Alternative: High-End Dating App for Singaporeans

Coffee Meets Bagel Alternative: High-End Dating App for Singaporeans


Coffee Meets Bagel, known for its curated matches, goes head-to-head with ReadMe, an exclusive platform tailored for Singaporean singles seeking meaningful connections.

User Experience

Coffee Meets Bagel operates like a neighborhood café, offering a limited selection of matches daily, encouraging more deliberate interactions. In contrast, ReadMe feels like a boutique lounge, presenting a small but meticulously curated array of profiles, fostering a refined and personalized approach to matchmaking.

Matching Algorithms

Coffee Meets Bagel's system, akin to a coffee subscription service, delivers handpicked matches based on preferences and mutual interests. On the flip side, ReadMe gives users the reins, allowing customization of eight key factors for a more tailored and precise matching experience.

Verification and Security

While Coffee Meets Bagel employs basic verification methods, ReadMe prioritizes stringent verification processes, ensuring a secure and genuine user community within its platform.

Cost and Accessibility

Coffee Meets Bagel offers a mix of free and paid features, similar to a café menu with optional add-ons. Meanwhile, ReadMe operates on a fully free basis with optional premium subscriptions, providing added perks for those interested.

Focus on Singaporean Audience

Coffee Meets Bagel caters to a broad audience but may miss some local nuances. In contrast, ReadMe sharpens its focus exclusively on Singaporean dating preferences, offering a finely tuned experience within the local dating landscape.


In this comparison, Coffee Meets Bagel's curated matches and daily offerings contrast with ReadMe's emphasis on personalized and refined matchmaking for Singaporean singles seeking genuine connections. While Coffee Meets Bagel provides a comfortable and curated experience, ReadMe zeroes in on tailoring matches to suit local preferences and nuances.

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