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Club of Researchers

Club of researchers includes ENTP, INTP, ENTJ and INTJ.

Heavy(deep and slow) researchers are ENTP and INTP. They are a mirror pair of Alpha Quadra.

Light(broad and quick) researchers are ENTJ and INTJ. They are a mirror pair of Gamma Quadra.

Group behavior

When a group consists of people of this club, but without either of the two quadras having greater presence, its members tend to limit their interactions to the exchange of ideas in their common areas of interests, with little focus on the interchange of personal experiences regarding relationships, or physical activities besides perhaps walks with ongoing discussions. Typical examples of this club are enthusiasts of science fiction, role-play games, groups of political discussions, and the like.

This kind of group behavior, though, in terms of seeing a club as any kind of unit, is visible only as long as the group is held together by, and focuses on, discussions and activities of their common interests. Longer and deeper interactions make such a club visibly "split" into the two quadras, Alpha and Gamma.

Perception of other clubs

These perceptions are visible only as long as the other groups are seen exclusively through the prism of their activities and interests as a group; closer interaction makes such perceptions quickly be overruled by the relevant quadra perceptions.


Researchers are inclined to perceive Socials as essentially empty-headed and boring in their interests, but also to regard them with some jealousy due to their usual greater facility for social interaction and forming relationships, also romantic ones.


Researchers are inclined to perceive Pragmatists as narrow-minded and somewhat uninteresting, but also as intimidating due to their perceived greater mechanical and physical skills.


Researchers are inclined to see Humanitarians sympathetically and as essentially non-threatening, but also with a sense of bewilderment as to their motivations.

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