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Club of Socials

Club of socials includes ESFJ, ISFJ, ESFP and ISFP.

Heavy(deep and slow) socials are ESFP and ISFP. They are a mirror pair of Gamma Quadra.

Heavy socials (Politician and Guardian) are more in demand in the so-called "heavy" societies. They are very effective at organizing their lives in the most difficult and unfavorable conditions. They excel in societies with sharp divisions (for example, divisions based on class, ethnicity, gender, etc.), with large gaps between the rich and the poor, with frequent political elections and intrusive advertising.

Light(broad and quick) socials are ESFJ and ISFJ. They are a mirror pair of Alpha Quadra.

Light socials (Mediator and Enthusiast) are good at communicating in favorable, comfortable, and "easy" societies. An “easy” society is the one where there is no fierce competition, there is no significant gap between the rich and the poor, people have little interest in politics.

Group behavior

When a group consists of members of this club, but without either of the two quadras having greater weight, its interactions are likely to be based on enjoying conversations over their families and personal relationships, artistic and sensorial interests such as cooking, gossip, and group social activities such as parties, dancing, travels and sportive activities. It's the stereotypical "women's group", although obviously such clubs formed only of men also exist, with common activities and interests usually focused around sports or, depending on the age structure, partying, clubbing and the like.

This kind of group behavior, though, in terms of seeing a club as any kind of unit, is visible only as long as the group is held together by, and focuses on, discussions and activities of their common interests. Longer and deeper interactions make such a club visibly "split" into the two quadras, Alpha and Gamma.

Perception of other clubs

These perceptions are visible only as long as the other groups are seen exclusively through the prism of their activities and interests as a group; closer interaction makes such perceptions quickly be overruled by the relevant quadra perceptions.


Socials are inclined to regard Researchers with either a sort of pity, thinking that Researchers "need to get out more and be more friendly", or admiration for their perceived knowledge in many areas.


Socials are inclined to enjoy Pragmatists' company in social activities and appreciate their practical skills but also to see them as too abrasive or cold.


Socials are inclined to regard Humanitarians as idealistic people but "dreaming too much" and not very practical.

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